There have been only a few selected foreign films that have captured my attention. Perhaps it’s not my preference to have to read words while watching a film. Breathless is one that’s extraordinary. I had no issue immersing myself into the film’s universe. I think what makes this film special is its unique trait that portrays the story in a realistic fashion.

My favorite part has to be the bedroom scene in which we watch 30 minutes of Michel and Patricia going back and forth in her bedroom. There was no prolific reason behind the lingering except Michel wants to have sex with Patricia. Coincidentally, this scene reminds me of what I used to do with my ex-girlfriend and her name is Patricia as well. I can relate to the movie very well. I guess this is probably the reason why I was hooked on it even though it’s a subtitled film.

I also liked the ending for its ambiguity. The director intended to leave all of the audience happy by leaving the conclusion up to us to define individually. Although the ending is vague, it is by no means a cliffhanger. The ending is a nice closure to the story arc and ends the journey of our protagonist Michel. If only Michel survives in the end.

Hence, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this movie to anyone who’s interested in unique styles of filming. “Breathless” is a great film that shows the distinct French New Wave culture and film-making style. Everything is spontaneous. It’s definitely in my top three list of foreign movies. Fantastic movie.

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